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Take your video presentations to a new level with Selfio.

Selfio will help you create professional videos and conduct webinars, which your users are going to like.

Take a look at Selfio capabilities in our short demo video.
Online service for creating videos and video streaming.
Why Selfio?
4 reasons to try Selfio right now
  • Make more income
    Attract more paying customers by creating qualitative video content. Selfio will help you improve your visuals and not miss the important information.
  • Do not waste extra money
    Get professional-quality video footage without an expensive film crew.
  • Create videos faster
    Don't waste time on recording extra takes or learning complicated programs. Create videos easier and faster with Selfio.
  • Look better
    Do not be afraid to miss something important or to look ridiculous during a live broadcast. Read the text of your speech while looking directly into the camera.
Automatic video editing
Get the final video product on the run as a record or during live broadcast.
Notes and teleprompter
You no longer need to learn the text. Read it via prompter and don't miss the key points.
Automatic switching
Selfio will automatically switch the slide when you reach the right place in the text.
Many camera shooting
Show yourself from different sides to enliven the attention of your audience.
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Our products
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Selfio Prompter
It's an online teleprompter with automatic adjustment to your speech speed. Read your presentation text easily and fluently.
Selfio Subs
It's an online service which generates subtitles, transcript and English translation (if necessary) for your video.
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