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Selfio is your personal video studio which helps you look awesome in front of the audience.

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Recording and
Film yourself at home or in the office. Selfio will make a recording with you and your device screen.
Notes and
Write notes for your presentation or read out prepared speech using our telepromter.
Choose layouts to your liking from the library. Switch between layouts during the performance to gain more attention from audience.
Live Streaming
(coming soon)
Stream directly to Zoom, MS Teams, Google Meet and other platforms. Get recording with selected layouts right after the meeting.
Future updates for Selfio
We are constantly adding new features to help our users create professional-quality videos. Stay tuned for our updates!
  • Saving projects in the cloud
    Don't be afraid to lose progress and work on multiple projects at the same time. All your texts and videos will be saved in the cloud.
  • Automatic sound enhancement
    Get high-quality sound, even if you don't have professional equipment or there's a lot of noise around you.
  • Automatic video enhancement
    Selfio will automatically adjust the light and increase the video resolution even in low light and low camera quality.
Why Selfio?
4 reasons to start using Selfio right now
  • Earn more money
    Selfio makes video content more appealing. As a result, your audience becomes more willing to pay for it and starts to grow.
  • Reduce costs
    Boost your video recordings and live streaming without expensive equipment or professional film crew.
  • Save your time
    Do not spend extra time on complicated video editing programs or live streaming software. Selfio is simple and does not require any downloads.
  • Look awesome
    Selfio improves your visual making you look more professionally. Your audience knows that you took care of technical side.
Improve Your Video Content With Selfio
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