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Selfio is a simple online tool for making professional quality live video. Deliver engaging content on streaming and video conferencing platforms. Works from browser.

Take your visuals to a professional level
- Combine camera and media content in layouts
- Show your presentation, video or share screen
- Switch between layouts any time during your performance
Selfio provides a wide range of prepared layouts which allows you to quickly boost the visual level of your performance.
Improve your creating experience
  • 1
    Online connectivity
    Invite your colleagues to collaborate and perform with you.

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  • 2
    Notes and teleprompter
    Keep your presentation text right in front of you.

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  • 3
    Seamless content switching
    Switch your media content (layouts, slides, etc.) from a single space.

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  • 4
    Instant video sharing
    Get a sharing link for your video right after the performance.

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  • 5
    Summary and highlights
    Receive auto generated text summary and highlights of your video.

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  • 6
    Subtitles and transcription
    Get subtitles and transcription for your video in different languages.

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Explore Selfio Upcoming Features
Boost your visual & sound quality
AI-powered webcam beauty filters
Improve your face tone, smooth out your skin and remove wrinkles with Selfio AI beauty filters.
Real-time guidance during the performance
AI-assistance and tips on using your equipment and presenting yourself the best way possible.
Automatic image quality enhancement
Auto adjustment of your live video color, lighting level and other imaging settings.
Background removal & Virtual backgrounds
Easily replace your surroundings with natural looking virtual backgrounds. Create some of your own with our AI generator.
Boosting your microphone with AI
Make live sound clear and professional with noise supression, audio leveling and more.
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Use Selfio in online meetings
Be the center of everyone’s attention. Present your content alongside the camera to make your online presentation more engaging.
Connect to any platform with virtual camera or window streaming for best quality (Zoom, Webex, MS Teams, Google Meet, etc). Get a high-quality recording of your performance right after it.
Stream to social platforms
Create professional-looking video for streaming on YouTube, Twitch, Facebook or any other social media platform.
Stream right from your browser without any extra software downloads.
Selfio for Business
Easily boost your live video conferencing performance with Selfio. Be the center of attention for your employees. Make effective presentations at corporate meetings. Look professional on interviews and important events. Present yourself confidently to your partners and clients.

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Improve Your Video Content With Selfio
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