Video Studio in Your Device
Selfio provides professional live assistance & grants powerful AI-tools
to quickly create stunning videos with you
Your Personal Filming Crew
Selfio combines professional filming crew live assistance with mobility & accessibility of your device. This provides a personal video studio available from everywhere 24/7.
Selfio as a Director
Selfio supports you during recording & streaming processes to make sure that everything is going smoothly. It provides useful tips & helps to quickly solve occurring issues to improve your videos.
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Selfio as a Videographer
Selfio controls the picture, improves its color & brightness, makes sure that your face is always in the center of attention.
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Selfio as a Designer
Selfio prepares video layouts to your liking, helps to create your own unique brand style.
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Selfio as an Editor
Selfio provides a ready-to-go video right after you've finished recording. It makes the video even better in the end by cutting unpleasant moments & suggesting some extra media content.
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Selfio as a Technician
Selfio helps to sustain a certain quality of video production by informing you if there're any technical troubles with network, sound or image & helps to quickly fix them.
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