with automatic adjustment to your speech speed
Selfio Prompter adjusts to your speech speed automatically.

There is no more need for remote controllers, rings, pedals and other devices for manual speed adjustment.

Take a look at Selfio Prompter in action in our presentation video.
Selfio Prompter
Teleprompter with automatic adjustment to speech speed
Key features
What Selfio Prompter offers
  • Automatic speech speed adjustment
    Make pauses, change intonations, slow down and speed up as you see fit. Let the prompter adapt to you, not you to him.
  • Working on different devices
    Use your computer monitor to read, or place your smartphone on a studio teleprompter pad. Speak where and how it is suitable.
  • Multiple language support*
    Read in English, Russian or Kazakh. We regularly add new languages and improve the recognition of different dialects.
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* automatic speech speed adjustment is available in Russian only
Please contact us if you wish to use Selfio Prompter for commercial purposes :)
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Ivan Bobkov, CEO Selfio
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