Film Engaging Educational Videos

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Save Hours on Editing

4 powerful steps to get a better footage saving time on video production

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    Get professional quality at home

    Lighting, sound, composition, background... We know it takes time to get them right

    Selfio will help you set up equipment and use intelligent tools to boost video and audio quality

  • 2

    Focus on one thing at a time

    Telepropmter that adjusts to you, and more!

    Prepare notes, images, slides – anything that will make you confident at each part of your video. Selfio will show them to you in the right moment

    Prompter contents
  • 3

    You don't have to control all of it!

    Selfio is your personal assistant that oversees the technical process, so you can focus on your content

    It will fix problems automatically or let you know about them immediately and provide tips on what to do

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  • 4

    Make decisions,
    let software do the job

    Isn't it quite boring to search for that right millisecond to cut a sentence? Thankfully, Selfio can do it for you!

    You just need to choose the best fragments of your performance to merge them in the most engaging way


Improve All Steps of Production

Selfio assists you at every step to fasten and simplify the whole process

  • Script skeleton rounded

    Plan your video

    Write some bullet points or the whole speech. If you like, Selfio AI can help to improve your writing or generate new ideas

    Link your script sentences to visuals to make them appear in the video at the right time

  • Prepare skeleton rounded

    Make your setup ready

    Selfio checks lighting, picture and sound. It provides some useful tips on how to improve them

    You can adjust colors and choose a virtual background to your liking

  • Perform skeleton rounded

    Show your best to viewers

    This is where you shine! Focus fully on your performance while Selfio manages the technicalities and shows your media right where it needs to be

  • Edit skeleton rounded

    Editor that knows your script

    Selfio automatically arranges video fragments and visuals. You instantly receive a decent result

    You can make the video even more engaging:

    • Add animations
    • Switch cameras and shots
    • Pick better takes
  • Publish skeleton rounded

    Make your video ready to shine

    Easily make your content suitable for different platforms. Generate description and hashtags with AI. Quickly publish your video, download it or share via link

Watch Selfio in Action

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